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Real Men LOVE Frobabies

Real Men LOVE Frobabies

I awoke in the middle of the night to the most adorable twitter feed ever. So, NBA player, @imanshumpert , of the Sacramento Kings took to the internet to express his love for his daughter @babyjunie4 . He posted a pictured of him and his daughter smiling infectiously (and looking just like her mother Teyana Taylor. )

The caption reads "This father stuff will turn you soft man, really soft lol ". When I tell you I couldn't get back to sleep for scrolling through all of the comment. Seriously, the  Love fest got real real. The outpouring of adoration these men have for their children is such a refreshing and beautiful sight to see. To hell with the stereotypes about black fathers.....

Kings are out here loving on their FroBabies ... Check out some of the responses below. 




~ @kanika_nigist 

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