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Hey y’all! It’s me , @Kanika_Nigist ... the Founder of @Frobabies . I’m going to make this super brief. I AM A TEACHER. ⁣⁣
I currently teach an amazing group of preschool children with Autism. I’ve been an educator of children with Special Needs for 16 years. Educators do a whooole lot. Educators are not paid a whole lot. The checklist and to do lists far outweighs the financial compensation. ⁣⁣
Educators are expected to put their personal lives on hold, work long hours for minuscule pay and love on children that aren’t always the most lovable. Educators are expected to grin and bear unbearable parents and “strongly encouraged” to do extra extra extra extra extra STUFF .... FOR FREE...⁣⁣
Educators are expected to volunteer their personal time for FREE. Educators are expected to adhere to a heightened level of professional EVERYDAY, ALL DAY, EVEN OFF THE CLOCK..at the expense of not being able to be their true selves. GOD FORBID YOU GO TO HAPPY HOUR & POST AN USIE w/ your crew.... YOU’ RE FIRED... ⁣⁣
I could go on but I said I’d be brief so let me wrap this up... Bear in mind these aren’t complaints these are simple facts . If you have a child that has a teacher(s) (assistants included) Do something for your child’s teacher(s).⁣⁣
This week was Teacher Appreciation Week... if you missed it... Get your child’s secondary caretaker/moulder a gift to say THANK YOU , for caring for your child 180 days a year.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣
OK I’m done I can get real soap boxy with this

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