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Who are you calling Geriatric ?

Who are you calling Geriatric ?

  • Kanika Milton #FrobabiesMomma

35 and up equals Geriatric?!? Who Knew???

I learned a new word today, while doing a post about Halle Berry, and it made me side eye and chuckle simultaneoulsy...... the word * insert drum roll* is GERIATRIC PREGNANCY. Yes! It's a "thing".  Who knew? I saw the hashtag on XONecole's page and had to do an entire Google search on it.


"What is a Geriatric Pregnancy ?",  one might ask. I Immediately envisoned a women in a convaselsnet home fresh off a lil bust down situation with a handsy man-friend up the hall ... Geriatric Pregnancy, right? . Nah that aint it......

Geriatiric Pregnancy: A pregnancy that occurs anytime a woman is over the age of 35.

30 Whet....? Who.... ? Bye Felicia...!

So basically the day a woman celebrates her 35th Birthday and blows out her candles she essentially, ALSO, blows away remnants of the "powdered eggs" in her womb. What in the patriacchal hell ?  I'm unsure who coined this derogatory, name calling, term but I'd venture to guess the individual resides somewhere between Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia, but who knows. It's quite an aggressive phrase to use for a woman well stocked on wit, wine, wisdom and pads with WINGS! The aforementioned are an amazing arsenal for menstrual happenings, and such.  

I've reserved public commentary on my position (shade coming in 4, 3, 2..) on the  Re-FN-diculous , backwoods, bumpkin ass Abortion Bill situation and I'll do that, after I process the layers of bullshit associated with it, but I will say this....


The sit high & look low sect of scrubs who came together to publicly scarlet letter "older moms" with "advanced maternal age" at 35 need their asses kicked. The terms are comical, to me, because I think name calling is funny and silly. But that's ME. Name calling and pejorative statements have the capacity to hurt. These terms evoke feelings of inadequacy and all types of emotional/psychological rubbish. It's multiple layers of insensitive and INACCURATE . Maybe the folks manufacturing phrases have "Napoleon complex" or "little dick syndrome" or maybe are genetically inferior.... Again , who knows. 

Ladies, Sistars, Frens......The long and short of it is...  FUCK THEM! You ain’t Geriatic, Boo!  God willing, you’ll get there, but you ain’t there yet. My Grandmother, Aunts and Cousins all had healthy babiesssssss AFTER 45. Don't let anyone make you feel like you ain't still got the juice cause you're pregnant or trying to conceive after 35.

I’m jumping off my soapbox for the day but before I go....

One last thing..... 

If you know a woman who needs a little self -love'n pick me up tell her play this  Lizzo joint with the volume high..... She's The One :




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