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Mariah has a question and she wants answers!

Mariah has a question and she wants answers!

The mission of Frobabies is to rewrite the standard of beauty through positive imagery, especially for our children. Our mission is NOT to judge those who prefer bundles of weave and makeup over a fresh face and natural hair.  Frobabies is a LOVE movement so I try to operate in that spirit, especially as it relates to our children. I do, of course, have my personal views and opinions but it’s not my job, duty , obligation or place to impose my personal beliefs on anyone so I try not to…… What I will say, is that our children are ALWAYS watching. Our ways and actions as adults are constantly studied by our children and they do take inventory of every little thing we say and do. The simplest gestures, facial expressions and vocabulary we use are emulated by our children, daily.

With that being said……Little Miss Mariah has a question for her mother and she needs answers……


This video isn’t new but I thought it would be helpful in leading a  discussion about how we view ourselves as  women… we conduct ourselves as women…. how our little girls interpret our ways and actions as women… versatility…..self love….self confidence…..protective styling….. so much to discuss…..Check out this powerful exchange between Mariah and her mother Carmen…..and please share your thoughts.

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